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At Luxury Chandelier, we offer unique designer chandeliers and bespoke lighting solutions that make a statement and bring a touch of beauty and glamour to your interior.

Our wide range of designer, bespoke and luxury lighting don’t just provide you with perfect lighting but also speak volumes about your taste. This includes stunning and opulent handmade floor lights, ceiling lamps, table and desk lamps, wall lights and chandeliers from well-known, prestigious brands and skilled artisans.

Handcrafted and made using the finest of materials such as brass, 24-carat gold, marble, Swarovski crystals, chrome and glass, our lighting solutions will add personality, style and warmth to your home.

We boast many prestigious brands such as Versace, Cassiopeia, Bang Min and Madame Clicquot and offer a full money-back guarantee.

Whether you’re looking to add a modern centrepiece to your room, or you’d prefer a timeless piece of lighting art, you can find your perfect solution in our online catalogue.

Brass chandeliers
One of the hottest luxury lighting trends, our brass chandeliers continue to be best-sellers and are a beautiful addition to any space.
Choose from brass chandeliers, floor lamps and ceiling lamps that make a statement without dominating the room, and choose between modern, classic, retro and timeless designs to find the most beautiful piece that makes a statement.

Versace lamps
Add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your interior by choosing your lighting from our Versace collection.
By combining high-quality materials such as subtle bronze, 24-carat gold, Swarovski crystals, modern chrome, classic marble and the best in ceramics, they add a sumptuous feel whilst offering the perfect level of lighting for your unique needs.

Gold chandeliers
Create an extraordinary effect and add an elegant touch to your space by choosing one of our 24-carat gold chandeliers and floor lamps. Gold is a material that never dates, coordinates perfectly with any interior design scheme and lifts the ambience of a room to exceed your expectations.

Luxury Sofas

To complement your décor, we have a range of luxury, handcrafted sofas that will add a touch of comfort and style to any space. Built using high quality materials and the very best in workmanship, our sofas are designed to suit the modern home perfectly.

Available in different colours, fabrics and configurations, our collection includes some stunning designs that will transform the appearance of your room setting.

Browse our extensive online catalogue, select the right piece for your unique interior then place your order securely online. Within days, your designer light will arrive at your home and will delight you for years to come.

Should you have any queries or questions, you can reach out to our team of experts anytime. We also offer a full money-back guarantee, 2 years electrical warranty and a 14-day return policy.

Contact us now for all your luxury lighting needs and accessory needs.